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Hey, I’m Peter! Developer & Educator.

I'm an Elixir developer with a Psychology background, Founder of Letter to Yourself, YouTuber at PeterAndCode, Ex-Host of ExplainBlockchain, and ConsenSys-certified Blockchain developer. Passionate about sharing knowledge, sports, Africa, and bicycle activism.

Simulating Conway's Game of Life with 100.000 Erlang Processes. Because why not?

Learn about how to tweak the performance of 100.000 Erlang processes and why Elixir isn't really that slow.

Set up Livebook on your Raspberry Pi with Nerves

Write and test code directly on your Raspberry Pi with Livebook.

Sending text messages from a Raspberry Pi with Nerves

Send a text message using the Waveshare GSM/GPS/GNSS Hat on a Raspberry Pi and Nerves.

How to implement U2F Authentication with Phoenix LiveView

Arguably, the strongest multi-factor authentication method is U2F. Here is how to integrate it with your Phoenix LiveView application.

How to deploy a Phoenix project with allows you to quickly deploy a Phoenix application in different regions in the world. Here is how to get started.

Your product is not only your "product"

What comes to mind if you think about "Your product"? You probably think about features built for your customers. However, your "product" also includes something else. Your software.

How to set up reoccurring jobs with GitHub Actions

How to automate a reoccurring job using GitHub Actions in order to fetch and upload latest data to a GitHub repository.

How to set up a Reverse Proxy with CloudFront, Lambda@Edge and Phoenix

Route traffic based on the path of a URL using AWS CloudFront and Lambda functions. A complete how-to using Phoenix servers.

From Business Requirements to Production Code

How to build what your stakeholder actually wants by extracting and testing good software requirements.

Bridge the Gap - Bring your Software to life with Elixir and Nerves

Writing code is fun, but nothing tops seeing your code moving things in the real world. That’s why I tested out the Nerves library.